The ¨Dominio de la Esperanza¨ extra virgin olive oil, is exclusively produced out of the olives groves from the ¨San José¨, ¨Molino de Córdoba¨ and ¨Santa Ysabel¨ family estates, all located west of Cabra (Córdoba, Spain). At the centre of the estates stands the shrine of Our Lady of Hope (¨La Esperanza¨), a local pilgrimage point for centuries. The landscape, spread with vineyards and olive groves, is of an unmistakingly joyful Mediterranean character.

The ¨La Esperanza¨ olive groves constitute a mixture of olive tree varieties: ¨hojiblanca¨, ¨marteña¨ or ¨picual¨ and ¨carrasqueña¨ that allow, after a carefully separated harvesting, the peculiar blending that gives birth to the extra virgin olive oil ¨Dominio de la Esperanza¨.

The ¨Fersan¨ extra virgin olive oil, also comes exclusively from the ¨La Vapora¨, ¨La Portuguesa¨ and ¨Don Quirce¨ family estates. These estates, located southwest of Lucena (Córdoba, Spain) constitute the ¨Montes de San Miguel¨ (St Michael´s hills) dominion. This remote area was famous along the XVIII-XIX centuries as the nest for the Andalusian outlaws and constitutes today a delicious mild setting with centennial olive trees, Mediterranean bush forest and water ponds where migratory bird species from Northern Europe spend the Winter months.

The olive groves at the ¨Montes de San Miguel¨ estates are primarily of the ¨hojiblanca¨ variety, peculiar from this Andalusian area. The olives, minutiously harvested when reaching the optimal maturity degree, are used to produce the ¨Fersan¨ extra virgin olive oil.