The growing, the harvesting and the milling.
A professionalized team of 20 people is full time engaged, all year round, to the care of the olive groves. A year-long sequence of treatments and prunings, using state-of-the-art equipment, secures a fruit of the highest quality. The most advanced phytosanitary products are used to prevent plagues and diseases, always complying with the strictest EU environmental regulations.

The olive harvesting, along the Winter months, is done using a combination of mechanical and human resources, to collect the fruit at its early maturity, to preserve the olive´s integrity and to keep the intense and slightly fruity fragrance and taste, peculiar to our extra virgin olive oils.

Olives are carefully separated per variety, origin and degree of maturity. They are shipped to the olive mill (¨almazara¨) within the few hours after being harvested to mill them with their full properties intact.

The extra virgin olive oils ¨Dominio de la Esperanza¨ and ¨Fersan¨ are produced in a modern olive mill, located at the heart of the ¨La Esperanza¨ estates. This mill, constructed in 1994, replaced the ancient olive mills, that are still open for visitors. Once elaborated, olive oils varieties are warehoused in large tanks, with total capacity up to half million kilograms of oil, in extreme insulating and hygienic conditions.